George Ranch FFA
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Congratulations to the following George Ranch & Reading FFA students for their successes at the 2010 Fort Bend County Fair:


Grand Champion – Jordie Kendall

5th Place - Carter Feldhoff

15th Place - Tanner Feldhoff

26th Place - Logan Hirsch

Intermediate Swine Showmanship
Grand Champion - Jordie Kendall

Intermediate Showmanship

Grand Champion – Jordie Kendall

Champion American Heifer Class

1st Place - Tanner Feldhoff

Scramble Heifer Competition / American  Heifer Class
1st Place - Tanner Feldhoff; 3rd over all scramble heifer

Commercial Heifer Class 101 - Record Project Book
1st Place - Megan Lepovitz

Fair Queen

2nd Runner Up - Kaylan Millis

Commercial Heifer Halter Class 101
2nd Place - Megan Lepovitz

Champion American Heifer Overall

3rd  Place - Tanner Feldhoff

Commercial Heifer Halter Overall
3rd Place - Megan Lepovitz

Jr. Livestock Individual Judging Contest
5th Place – Logan Hirsch

Rabbit Show
7th Place - Katie Koerth

11th Place - Sam Pratt

20th Place - Austin Koerth

23rd Place - Jordie Kendall

57th Place - Carter Feldhoff

63rd Place - Kaylan Millis

73rd Place - Tanner Feldhoff

78th Place - Brittany Duty

Goat Class 3
11th Place - Allyson Thompson

Lamb Class C

12th Place - Holly Oliva

Pen of Boilers

12th Place - Logan Hirsch

25th Place - Jordie Kendall

44th Place - Tanner Feldhoff

51th Place - Carter Feldhoff

Scramble Heifer Contest
Recipient- Stephanie Money
Recipient - Jordie Kendall

            1st Place Ring A in Class - Megan Lepovitz
            1st Place Ring B in Class - Megan Lepovitz


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