George Ranch FFA
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President- Brynn Bostick


Name: Brynn Bostick                  


How many years have you been a GR FFA member?  4 years
Jr. member? None

What is the highest FFA degree you have earned?  Lonestar 2020                                             

How did you come about joining GR FFA?  Tell us your “story” – why FFA?

I have grown up around ag teachers and always hearing stories about how much fun the FFA is, and all of the opportunities it has to offer. I started off spending my time as Reporter and the President of my 4-H chapter from 4th- 7th grade, and then joined FFA in 8th grade. I was determined to live up to all of the fun that my mom had during her time in the FFA.
What FFA activities have you participated in? 
FFA activities are not just all about business as I have learned. I have had so much fun on the chapter conducting team, livestock judging team, and going to many different leadership camps and conferences. I was previously the chapter Reporter where I got more involved with the people of our chapter, and the people who hold our chapter together. These activities have helped me develop personal skills like public speaking and leadership. Along with these fun activities within the chapter, I have shown 3 steers and a pig.

What is your favorite FFA memory?
There hasn't been a single bad time for me in FFA, but my most memorable, and favorite time has been state convention last year. It was so cool to meet people all over the state while doing some team bonding with the officer team. State convention was probably one of the longest, restless, and busiest weeks but it was somehow SO much fun!

What other things are you interested in? (sports, clubs, civic, church, etc...)    

Raising livestock has been the biggest part of my life ever since I was little. Although, I did take some time to play softball. I played for 3 years but realized that I would've rather put all of my focus into my livestock. I had the pleasure of playing softball for George Ranch during my sophomore year.
What are your future plans? As I am approaching my senior year and last year of FFA, I have realized that this organization is something I don't want to lose. Therefore, I plan to attend Blinn after high school to finish off my basics, then transfer into A&M where I will major in Ag Education to become an ag teacher.


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