George Ranch FFA
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President - Alex Thompson


Name: Alex Thompson                   


How many years have you been a GR FFA member?  3 years
Jr. member? 

What is the highest FFA degree you have earned?  Lonestar                                              

How did you come about joining GR FFA?  Tell us your “story” – why FFA?

My sister joined FFA in her sophmore year and raised goats, so of course as a little sister I just HAD to join, I joined as a Jr. member in the 3rd grade and began to raise goats and turkeys with my sister. I that realized that I loved FFA and have been a member ever since.
What FFA activities have you participated in? 

I have participated in chapter conducting, creed speaking, raising turkeys, heifers, steers, goats, and chickens, dairy cattle judging, and the Fort Bend County Fair Calf Scramble. I also held the office of Sentinel during my freshman year.

What is your favorite FFA memory?  
One year while showing at the Houston Livestock show, the chapter was just sitting around socializing because our animals had been moved in but the show had not started. Then my dad went out to get lunch and about an hour later he comes back with the largest bright pink stuffed unicorn i have ever seen (about the size of a person) and we are all expecting him to give it away-but NOPE! He just sat with his unicorn and took it home - he still has the unicorn to this day!!! (years later)

What other things are you interested in? (sports, clubs, civic, church, etc...)    

As well as being in FFA i am also a section leader for the trombones in the marching band, interested in photography, and I am very involved in JBBA (Junior Beefmaster Breeder's Association) 

What are your future plans? "I plan to be happy"



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