George Ranch FFA
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President- Pamela Brown


Name:  Pamela Brown             


How many years have you been a GR FFA member? 5
Jr. member? 5

What is the highest FFA degree you have earned?

State Lonestar Degree    2021                                   


How did you come about joining GR FFA?  Tell us your “story” – why FFA?

My parents are both ag teachers, so you can say I was literally born into the program although it was never pushed on me to join. I grew up seeing many officer teams, LDE teams, CDE teams, and animal projects. I got a sample of everything which made it an easy choice to join the chapter. I wanted to show pigs (especially Durocs), parliamentary procedure, and dairy cattle judging. I joined my 3rd grade year and began training swine and join the dairy cattle team. Since then I have grown in my leadership skills and continued what I have set out to complete within the FFA.

What FFA activities have you participated in?

 Dairy cattle (2013-2022), Swine projects (2013-2015;2017-2018;2020-2023), Santa Gertrude’s heifers (2016-2023), Steer projects (2019,2023), Rabbit projects (2013;2015-2019), Greenhand Creeds (2018), Greenhand Parli pro (2018), Parli pro (2019), Creed Speaking (2021), Milk Quality (2020), Chapter Sentinel (2019-2020), Chapter Reporter (2020-2021), Southwest District Reporter (2020-2021), Chapter President (2021-2023), Scramble (2018-2021), Women Shelter Community Service, Adopt a Highway community service, Pork butt fundraiser (2013-2023), Jr Livestock (2021-2022), Public speaking (2013), Public speaking (2020; 2nd in district and 3rd in Area), DLC camps, ALC camps, and Ag Olympics.

What is your favorite FFA memory?

My favorite memory would have to be last year's state convention. It’s a long story but lots of car trouble. We are 30 minutes from hotel room on the drive up and our front brakes start smoking so we had to get a Rent-A-Car. The next morning we had the second ag truck and rent-a-car but the valet parking crashes the dually fender. We ended up walking around everywhere to avoid needing to drive. It was a crazy week!

What other things are you interested in? (sports, clubs, civic, church, etc...)    

Well starting in 8th grade I became interested in cross country and I will continue to participate this year as a 12th 

grader. I am also very involved with my youth group and church.  I am interested in meeting new people and learning

about animals. I am also part of the NHS society.


What are your future plans?

 I plan to go to college and study either entomology or animal science. After college I hope to start the Sir Nathaniel

Foundation. This foundation would help future FFA students with financial issues the ability to show pigs (similar to a

scramble heifer).




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