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Reporter- Pamela Brown


Name:  Pamela Brown             


How many years have you been a GR FFA member?  3
Jr. member? 5

What is the highest FFA degree you have earned?

Chapter    2020                                   


How did you come about joining GR FFA?  Tell us your “story” – why FFA?

I was pretty much born in FFA.  Ever since I can remember I have been involved with animals.  Whether it was helping Mr. Brown (Dad) with the animals at the barn or showing PeeWee showmanship.  This could because both my parents are ag. teachers.  As I got older, I joined Jr. FFA and started to show the following animals: pigs, rabbits, heifers and steers.  I love to help whoever needs it.  I work hard when work needs to be done for the chapter.

What FFA activities have you participated in? I have shown 5 pigs, 4 heifers, 1 steer and 3 sets of rabbits I have also participated in dairy cattle judging for 7 years. Last year I participated in LDE's (Chapter conducting). I participated in prepared public speaking in the 3rd grade. I have attended greenhand and area greenhand camps. I participated in swine good housekeeping last year at the county fair. I have also participated in numerous community service activities and fundraisers. Two years ago I have been fortunate to attend district and area convention with my proficiency award application and even got to go to State FFA Convention with my officer team! I have now ventured into Milk Quality CDE, and I am the new Southwest District Reporter. My previous office was Sentinel. I competed in a speaking contest and got first in district and 3rd in our area. I am also advancing to state with the star chapter farmer award.

What is your favorite FFA memory?

My favorite FFA memory has to be a memory that I'm going to laugh about in the future.  Well here it goes...I was with my dad and sister doing chicken runs.  We were at our last stop - Mr. Money's house.  I went and started to pick up chickens so that they could choose the top birds for the show.  As I picked up my 5th bird, it happened. I got pooped on in the face.  When I say everywhere, I really mean it... poop went everywhere!   I set the bird down and ran to the closest hose and sprayed my face down with water and soap.  When I got all cleaned up I still had to get another bird... it was disgusting and funny and something my dad and sister will never let me forget! Life can get messy, but we pick ourselves up, clean ourselves up and get the work done!

What other things are you interested in? (sports, clubs, civic, church, etc...)    

Well starting in 8th grade I became interested in cross country and I continue to participate this year as a 10th grader. I am also very involved with my youth group and church.  I am interested in meeting new people and learning about animals.

What are your future plans? I hope that one day I will be President of our FFA chapter. I want to hold both a district and area office and become the first state and national officer for George Ranch FFA. I want to help members become more involved in our chapter too! I think I may want to become a Veterinarian as a career and continue to volunteer to work with youth as a 4-H advisor.




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