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2018 Results
Members of the FFA participated in the Junior Livestock Show at the Fort Bend County Fair last week.
McKensie Salinas took Reserve Champion in the Turkey Show.

At the rabbit show, Christie Koerth placed 13th, Junior member Cody Haley placed 33rd and took Grand Champion in Showmanship, Junior member Rebecca Brown placed 34th, Casey Morgan placed 37th, Junior Member Anastacia Pollard placed 40th and Eric Luckett placed 45th. Members also participating in the rabbit show included Brian Ledezma, Genevieve Dawson, Kate Rabich, Kayley Trombley, Lathon Lev, Madeline Roberts, Rylie Brown, Taylor Reeves, Brooke Hydo, and junior members David McDowell and Larkin McCardle.

In the goat show, Alexis Gutierrez placed 3rd in her class, Mia Perez placed 10th in her class, Ryan Gutierrez placed 7th in his class and took Intermediate Showmanship Grand Champion, Rylie Brown placed 10th in her class, and Talliana Baracho placed 9th in her class.

The following members participated in the broiler show: Carter Meyer and Kayley Perez.

In the Scramble Heifer show, Alex Thompson placed 3rd in her class, Christie Koerth placed 4th in her class and took Showmanship Grand Champion, Jillian Voehl took Grand Champion for her breed, Parker Loos placed 6th in his class, and Skylar Higginbotham took Grand Champion for her breed.

 At the steer show, Alex Thompson placed 8th in her class, Brynn Bostick placed 7th in her class, Christie Koerth placed 3rd in her class and Jillian Voehl also participated.

At the swine show, Mandy McDowell placed 5th in her class, Brenna Leaver placed 9th in her class, Carson Yanta took Grand Champion in her class, Cole Hawkins placed 13th in his class, Hayley Pavlicek placed 3rd in her class, Keith Douglas placed 8th in his class, Nick Braddy placed 3rd in his class, Taylor Jackson placed 15th in her class, and junior member Rebecca Brown placed 5th in her class. Other members participating in the swine show included junior member MacKenzy Baldwin, Christopher Sonnier, Haley Alexander, Matthew Fisher and Pamela Brown.

In the lamb show, Alexis Gutierrez placed 24th in her class, Claire Smith placed 5th in her class, and Ryan Gutierrez placed 21st in his class.

Members participating in the broiler show included Ryan Gutierrez and Alexis Gutierrez.

Scramble Certificate Winners include Jillian Voehl, Skylar Higginbotham, Pamela Brown, Kayley Trombley and Alex Thompson.

Steer Good Housekeeping winners are Brynn Bostick, Grand Champion, and Christie Koerth, Reserve Champion.

 In Lamb Good Housekeeping, Alexis Gutierrez won Reserve Champion.

In Scramble Heifer Good Housekeeping, Jillian Voehl won Grand Champion.

At the Livestock Judging Contest, junior member Cody Haley placed 22nd as a junior individual, Brynn Bostick placed 31st as a senior individual and Connie Fortenberry also participated.

Congratulations to all of our FFA members and junior members!


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