George Ranch FFA
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Treasurer-Claire Smith

Name: Claire Smith

Position: Treasurer

How many years have you been a GR FFA member?  1 year

JR member?

What is the highest degree you have earned? Greenhand

Year?  2018
How did you come about joining FFA? Tell us your "story" - why FFA? -  

I moved to Texas from Oklahoma my sophomore year. I met people who were in FFA and I saw the connection they all had. They were like a family and I knew it was something I had to be involved in. I had been involved in things like cheer and basketball, but it didn't have the same effect that FFA did. Being in FFA has made me feel like I am a part of something so much larger than myself.


What FFA activities have you participated in?

I participated in a CDE. I went to Area with the Horse Equitation team. I am also raising a lamb for 2018 Fort Bend County Fair.

What is your favorite FFA memory? 
My favorite FFA memory is when we went to Texas A&M for contest. It was freezing cold and most of us didn't bring enough clothes. This did not stop us from having the best time at contest. After this we went and ate. There was nothing but laughs and smiles at all the tables and this is what made me proud to be in FFA.


What other things are you interested in?(sports, clubs, civic, church, etc...)

My sophomore year of highschool I played basketball and did cheerleading. I was also in National Honor Society I like to spend my free time volunteering at nursing and rehabilitation homes. I have been doing this for many years. I also enjoy riding horses.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are to do my first 4 years of college at Tarleton State University. I would like to go to the Pre-Med route at Tarleton and then go to Texas A&M for vet school. I would then like to open my own vet office in North Texas. Eventually I would like to only be doing large animals.


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