George Ranch FFA
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Treasurer- Casey Morgan

Name:  Casey Morgan            


How many years have you been a GR FFA member? 4
Jr. member? No

What is the highest FFA degree you have earned? Chapter Degree                                         

How did you come about joining GR FFA?  Tell us your “story” – why FFA?

When I moved out here to Richmond, Texas from Houston, I decided I wanted to get more involved in what made me happy, which was animals and friendship. I knew that FFA would be a great organization to join because it combines so many different aspects that now have changed my life for the better. I have met so many different personalities and FFA has taught me so many skills like responsibility, leadership, communication, critical and creative thinking, and more.   FFA has truly changed my life for the better.  

What is your favorite FFA memory?  Even though there are so many memories that come to mind, one of my favorite FFA memories to date has to be in 2018 at the overnight CDE  trip at Tarleton University. This was my first year on a CDE team and during our stay we made a tent, created an amazing team name, and even met up with the Tarleton Purple Poo mascots after the contest had ended.

What other things are you interested in? (sports, clubs, civic, church, etc...)    


I am interested in music, cooking, baking, chemistry, and animal science. 


What are your future plans?

In the future, I am wanting to go to college and major in animal science and possibly chemistry as well. I want to start working at a veterinary clinic and gain my Certified Veterinary Assistant's degree (CVA). Lastly, I want to start working more in my community by volunteering and doing community service.    


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