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Treasurer-Marlise Cummings

Name Marlise Cummings

Position: Treasurer

How many years have you been a GR FFA member?  1 year

JR member? 1 year

What is the highest degree you have earned? Greenhand

Year?  2017
How did you come about joining FFA? Tell us your "story" - why FFA? -  

When I found out, Chelsea (my older sister) stopped dancing and said she was instead in FFA, I had no idea what that was.
I started asking about FFA when she began raising bunnies. She then explained to me all the activities you can do in FFA. One night, Chelsea had to stay after school for an FFA meeting, so that meant I had to stay for the meeting too. I paid attention and I told my mom that for sure I wanted to join as soon as possible.Then as I realized how much fun FFA is , I just got more and more involved each year.


What FFA activities have you participated in?

Each year that I have been in FFA, I did horse judging, In 2016 I did Jr, Chapter conducting. That inspired me to run for office to become the 2017-2018 Treasurer. I did two pig projects, which didn't do very well at fair, but i still had a lot of fun. I helped plan and set up the banquet. I joined the recruitment committee, which is where we go to different school to talk about FFA. I went to my church and helped make, pack, and deliver Lunches of Love (a non-profit organizatio that sends lunches to less-fortunate people in the Fort Bend area). I was also there to spice, cook and wrap pork butts for a chapter fundraiser. I took Principles of Ag to expand my knowledge and to think about what Ag career I would like to pursue. I also participated and grew as an individual at the Texas FFA convention.

What is your favorite FFA memory? 
My favorite FFA memory was the day I won Treasurer.  I'm about to be a freshman and I was nervous for the test and mainly interview. When everyone turned in their votes my stomach dropped. Then, I heard my name; I was so happy!  This is my first time being an officer and I am looking forward to the experience.


What other things are you interested in?(sports, clubs, civic, church, etc...)

I love to do art, mainly painting.  My first interest is horses - barrel racing, training, riding, and just learning about them in general.  I do Vacation Bible School (VBS) for my church.  I also enjoy writing short stories and reading a good book.

What are your future plans?

As of right now, my plans are to go to college to study equine veterinary medicine.  After earning my DVM, I would then want to have a full time job as a vet and use my free time to train horses or rodeo.  I am to be successful and receive recognition for my work in this field.  As for plans closer to today, I want to earn my Lonestar and American FFA Degree.  Overall, having agriculture in my life is my number one plan for the future.


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