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Reporter- Skylar Higginbotham

Name: Skylar Higginbotham

Position: Reporter

How many years have you been a GR FFA member? 2 years

Jr. member?

What is the highest degree you have earned? Chapter

How did you come about joining FFA? Tell us your "story" - why FFA?

For the longest time my parents wanted me to be in 4H. We never quite got around to it, so when i got into 8th grade I joined FFA. At first I didn't think it was for me but after participating in multiple meetings and activities I learned to love FFA with a strong passion.

What FFA activities have you participated in? 

I participated in the Ag advocacy LDE, I have done lunches of love many times and I occasionally volunteer at my church. I have a heifer as of right now at the barn, and I am getting another one soon and have raised two sets of chickens.

What is your favorite FFA memory? 

My favorite FFA memory is every BBQ we have because we all get to cook together, listen to loud music and it gives us something to look forward to at the end of every six weeks.

What other things are you interested in?(sports, clubs, civic, church, etc...)
Other things i'm interested in softball, which I played for over seven years, and I was on the drill team before I became a full active member of FFA.

what are your future plans?

I want to go to A&M and get certified in vet med and in zoology. I want to open up my own vet clinic and travel around the world helping all kinds of animals and people.



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