George Ranch FFA
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Sentinel- Ryland Foster

Name: Ryland Foster

Position: Sentinel

How many years have you been a GR FFA member? 1

Jr. member? 0 years

What is the highest degree you have earned? Greenhand   Year? 2022 

How did you come about joining FFA? Tell us your "story" - why FFA?
I joined because because I wanted to take care of an animal.

What FFA activities have you participated in?
I participated in the district greenhand and leadership camps.

What is your favorite FFA memory?  
My favorite memory from being in FFA would be getting elected for the position of sentinel.

What other things are you interested in?(sports, clubs, civic, church, etc...)
 Other things I am involved and interested in outside of FFA would be rock climbing 
and martial arts.

What are your future plans?
Currently I'm not sure what my future plans are, but I do plan on going to some form of collage.



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